Deploy network zones

When your plan for network zones is ready, it's time to implement them.


To proceed with the procedure below, you need:

  • Planned network zones with defined names.
  • Activated network zones feature. To learn how to activate it, see Activate network zones.

1. Install ActiveGates

  1. Zone by zone, install the ActiveGates responsible for message routing.
  2. During installation, use the --set-network-zone=<name> installation parameter to specify the network zone. For more information, see Customize ActiveGate installation.
  3. In the demilitarized zone, install ActiveGates for RUM with MSGrouter parameter set to false. You can also specify the network zone after installation of an ActiveGate
  4. Specify the network zone in the ActiveGate configuration of the ActiveGate.
  5. Restart the ActiveGate.

2. Install OneAgents

Zone by zone, install your OneAgents. Be sure to specify the network zone installation parameter. See OneAgent configuration via command-line interface for more information.

For instructions on cloud deployments, select the appropriate link in the expandable section.

Setting up z/OS monitoring

  1. Set up zLocal.
  2. Set up zRemote.
  3. Add a network zone to the configuration of the ActiveGate that runs zRemote.
    1. Specify that Activate's network zone in the ActiveGate configuration.
    2. Restart the ActiveGate.
  4. Connect zLocal with zRemote.