Deploy network zones

When your plan for network zones is ready, it's time to implement them.


To proceed with the procedure below, you need:

  • Planned network zones with defined names.
  • Enough ActiveGates in every network zone to deal with the planned load.


  1. Activate the network zones feature in your environment. To learn how, see Activate network zones.
  2. Add a network zone to the configuration of every ActiveGate.
    1. Specify the ActiveGate's network zone in the ActiveGate configuration.
    2. Restart the ActiveGate.
  3. Add a network zone to the configuration of every OneAgent. Go zone by zone, editing the configuration of every OneAgent in one network zone before moving on to another This will assure transition without failovers.
    1. Specify the network zone via command-line interface. For instructions on cloud deployments, select the appropriate link in the expandable section.

    2. Restart your OneAgents in the following order

      1. Restart the services of OneAgents performing the full-stack monitoring.
      2. Restart OneAgent monitored applications, so that they pick up the new instrumentation.
      3. Restart application-only OneAgent deployments.
      4. Restart zRemote on ActiveGates.