Delete a network zone

To delete a network zone, first make sure no OneAgent or ActiveGate is using that zone. You can only delete an empty network zone. If the network zone is used as an alternative zone for any OneAgent, it will be automatically removed from the list of possible alternatives.

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the OneAgents in the zone to be deleted.
  2. Identify a different zone to put these OneAgents in.
  3. Check whether the ActiveGates in the target zone have enough capacity to add these OneAgents. If needed, install additional ActiveGates.
  4. Change the network zone for every OneAgent in the zone to be deleted via command-line interface. For instructions on cloud deployments, select the appropriate link in the expandable section.
  1. Uninstall the ActiveGates responsible for message routing in the network zone to be deleted.
    Alternatively, you can re-assign these ActiveGates to other network zones. Change the network zone in the ActiveGate configuration and restart the ActiveGate.
  2. Delete the network zone. Use the DELETE a network zone API call.