Configurable properties of Dynatrace Managed

The configurable Dynatrace Managed properties are described below. These properties can be found in the following file:


Section: [com.compuware.apm.webserver]

Property Default value Description
port-ssl 8021 The port where Dynatrace Server listens for traffic from OneAgent.
ssl-protocols TLSv1.2 Supported SSL protocols. Can be one or a list of the following values: TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2
excluded-ciphers unset List of additionally excluded ciphers (ciphers are defined by a substring matching at least a part of the cipher name, for example _DHE_)

Sections: [http.client.internal] - [http.client.external] - [http.client.opc]

These three sections regard different HTTP communication types but include the same content. The properties of [http.client.internal] relate to internal traffic (server-to-server) while those of [http.client.external] relate to external traffic (for example, WebHook calls). The properties of [http.client.opc] concern the calls to Mission Control.

Property Default value Description
proxy-server unset Proxy server URL
proxy-port unset Proxy port (numeric)
proxy-scheme unset Proxy scheme (http or https)
proxy-user unset Proxy user name (optional)
proxy-password unset Proxy password (optional). Authentication with user/password is transferred as a basic authentication header to the proxy. The initial plain text password is encrypted and stored in proxy-password-encr by the system.