The integration of Dynatrace with Neotys is fully automated and enables faster test design, execution, and analysis. Neotys and Dynatrace data is combined and can be viewed in the Neotys dashboard, thereby allowing for automated root cause analysis and multi-dimensional diagnostics.

  • DynatraceEvents: Links a load testing event to all the services used by an application monitored by Dynatrace and sends the following data: Neoload Project, Test and Scenario Name, NeoLoadWeb Frontend URL.

  • DynatraceMonitoring - Dynatrace > NeoLoad: Retrieves infrastructure and service metrics from Dynatrace and inserts them in NeoLoad External Data so that you can correlate NeoLoad and Dynatrace metrics within NeoLoad. In NeoLoad GUI version 6.8 and later, these metrics are sent to NeoLoad Web:

  • DynatraceMonitoring - Neoload > Dynatrace: Sends the global statistics of the test to Dynatrace so that they can be used as custom metrics in Dynatrace dashboards.


  1. Download the latest release of the Dynatrace integration for Neotys.

    For releases prior to 6.7, download this version.

  2. Take a look at the NeoLoad documentation for installing a custom Advanced Action.

Set up NeoLoad

  1. Create the Dynatrace user path.

  2. Insert DynaEvents in the End block.

  3. Insert DynatraceMonitoring in the Actions block.

  4. Select the Actions container and set the pacing duration to 30 seconds.

    Actions container - set pacing

  5. Select the Actions container and set Reset user session and emulate new browser between each iteration to No.

    Reset iteration to No

  6. Create a PopulationDynatrace population that contains 100% of the Dynatrace user path.

    create Dynatrace Population

  7. Under Runtime Scenarios, select the scenario, select PopulationDynatrace, and define a constant load of 1 user for the full duration of the load test.

    Set the load variation policy

    Note: Don't use multiple load generators.

  8. Go to Preferences > General settings > NeoLoad Web and verify that the NeoLoad Web data transfer has been correctly configured.

    Web preferences verification

  9. Verify the license under Integration and Advanced Usage.

    license verification

Set up Dynatrace

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings > Integration > Dynatrace API to create a Dynatrace API key.

    create a token

  2. Under Transactions & services, apply the correct tags to filter and list all Neotys monitored applications.

    All monitored services

  3. Add a tag to the application that is being tested.

Dynatrace events

Dynatrace monitoring

Analyze results in NeoLoad

All the metrics retrieved from Dynatrace are available in the NeoLoad Controller under the External Data tab. The metrics are captured live during the test and also after the test has been executed.

NeoLoad metrics

Analyze results in Dynatrace

  1. Create a custom chart with the NeoLoad data.

    create a custom chart

  2. Click the custom metric. Click the custom metric

  3. To analyze all the Neotys metrics, go to NeoLoad data. NeoLoad data analysis

  4. Check the NeoLoad events on the tested application. Check events


  • The Dynatrace Neotys integration bundle doesn't work with NeoLoad Check User Path mode.