Microsoft Teams integration

Dynatrace notifications can be sent to your Microsoft Teams channels so that your teams are always aware of any problems in your applications, services, and infrastructure. Integrating a Microsoft Teams channel with Dynatrace gives your teams the ability to discuss incidents, evaluate solutions, and link to similar problems while remaining up to date regarding problem status and severity.

Davis Assistant integration

In addition to the webhook method of integrating with MS Teams, Davis Assistant integrates with MS Teams and sends problem notifications to Teams in dynamic smart cards that update as a problem evolves. You can also receive AI-powered report summaries and ask questions about application availability, failure rates, and user activity. See Interaction examples.

Configuration in Microsoft Teams

To set up integration of Microsoft Teams and Dynatrace

  1. In Microsoft Teams, open the Store menu and search for Incoming Webhook.

  2. Select Incoming Webhook and select Next.

  3. Define a name for your Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook connector and select Create.

  4. Copy the provided Incoming Webhook URL and select Done.
    You'll need this URL to complete the integration on the Dynatrace side.

Configuration in Dynatrace

To set up a direct Microsoft Teams integration within your Dynatrace environment

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings > Integration > Problem notifications.
  2. Select Add notification.
  3. Select Custom integration from the list of available notification types.
  4. Configure the notification:
    • Enter a Display name for this integration. This is the freeform name of this integration that will be displayed in Dynatrace on Settings > Integration > Problem notifications when you finish this configuration.
    • Paste the Microsoft Teams webhook URL (Microsoft Teams connector URL) into the Webhook URL field.
    • optional Turn on Accept any SSL certificate. We recommend that you use a valid SSL certificate (even for internal installations), but you can ignore the certificate for convenience.
    • Enter the Microsoft Teams-specific JSON payload in the format:
      The connector payload format can be completely customized. To read more about the Microsoft Teams connector format, please refer to this Microsoft Documentation page.
  5. Select Send test notification to make sure your Teams integration is working.
  6. Save changes.

After you’ve integrated Dynatrace and Microsoft Teams, you’ll receive all Dynatrace-detected problems directly within your Teams channels.