Link PurePaths between Dynatrace and AppMon

Dynatrace provides a built-in integration that enables you to track your key transactions (PurePaths) from AppMon to Dynatrace, AppMon to AppMon, and vice versa. This new functionality gives you the option of monitoring all the business-critical aspects of your environment using both AppMon and Dynatrace.

AppMon monitors both front-end and back-end applications, providing full end-to-end PurePath data for each transaction. PurePaths are sent to AppMon Server for analysis.

The AppMon integration works with both Dynatrace SaaS and Dynatrace Managed.

This integration will become increasingly critical as more customers move to hybrid deployments of AppMon and Dynatrace. It doesn’t matter if you run multiple AppMon Servers and Dynatrace environments, as the integration covers these setups as well. The beauty of the solution is that our Dynatrace OneAgent and AppMon Agent technologies handle the necessary configurations automatically. In other words, you can use the new integration to track your key transactions with no manual effort required.

All you need to do is tell AppMon which of your Dynatrace environments you want to enable the PurePath drill-down for, and provide an external AppMon Web UI URL.

What you need

Set up the integration

AppMon Agents and Dynatrace OneAgent automatically collect all relevant information needed to link your PurePaths and to identify all involved environments.

To make drill-downs as convenient and easy to use as possible, the Integrations pane in the AppMon Server configuration lets you specify the Dynatrace environments to use. Use this Integrations pane to manage the Dynatrace environments to which you want to enable PurePath drill-down for Dynatrace. See Integrations configuration in AppMon documentation to learn how.

Putting it all together

Once configured, you can follow the PurePaths of your critical transactions with a single click. Once you click a transaction, a new browser window opens with the corresponding PurePath(s), where you can continue your analysis.

Follow PurePaths from AppMon to Dynatrace

Use the PurePaths dashlet in the AppMon client to connect your PurePaths with transaction data in both Dynatrace and AppMon, whether the transaction started in Dynatrace or in AppMon.

In the PurePaths dashlet, right-click the desired PurePath you want to follow in Dynatrace. The PurePath tree displays in the Tree tab below the PurePath list, which maps the calling hierarchy of the contributing methods for the selected PurePath.

Right-click on the desired method in the Tree tab and select one of the following:

  • Find subpaths in Dynatrace environment > [your environment].
  • Find parent paths in Dynatrace environment > [your environment].

Where [your environment] is a Dynatrace environment that has been configured for integration in AppMon. Only Dynatrace environments with configured integrations appear in the list.

Note: These right-click menu items are only enabled for methods in the PurePath with parent paths that can be followed in Dynatrace.

Select Dynatrace environment in AppMon PurePath tree

This opens Dynatrace to show the last PurePaths and displays the recent PurePaths list.

Select your linked PurePath, then under Analyze PurePath, select View PurePaths to see the linked PurePath.

Dynatrace-AppMon integration select your linked PurePath

Dynatrace-AppMon integration - linked PurePaths

Follow PurePaths from Dynatrace to AppMon

Click Transactions & Services and select the service containing the PurePath you want to link.

On the Service page of the selected service, click View Requests in the Requests tile.

In the Response time tab of the Details page, click the View PurePaths button. This shows the 100 most recent PurePaths for the selected service. You may have to click More () to see the View PurePaths button.

Select your PurePath. Under Analyze PurePath, click View PurePath to see the selected PurePath details.

Click the PurePath, then click the Analyze tab.

Click Copy Data. This copies the data of the PurePath needed to link to AppMon.

Dynatrace-AppMon integration - copy Dynatrace PathPath

Switch to the AppMon Web UI and paste the copied link into the search bar, then in the search bar, select Drilldown to PurePath. This displays the selected PurePath in the AppMon Web UI. Click the PurePath in the list to see its details, which now contain PurePath data across both Dynatrace and AppMon.

Dynatrace-AppMon integration - paste Dynatrace PurePath link in AppMon Web UI

Note: AppMon Web must be in debug mode to enable the search bar in AppMon Web. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + F9 in the AppMon Client.


Here's a brief overview of the currently known limitations:

  • There is no cross-product metrics or business-transaction computation within the PurePath integration.
  • There is no cross-product transaction flow.
  • You can drill down PurePaths from Dynatrace into AppMon Web. However there are no drill-down capabilities from AppMon Web to Dynatrace.
  • Stored AppMon sessions aren't supported.

Frequently Asked Questions