OneAgent update

OneAgent has a built-in, configurable auto-update mechanism.

Monitor OneAgent updates

To monitor OneAgent updates, from the Dynatrace menu go to Settings > Preferences > OneAgent updates:

  • Check or change the auto-update settings on the environment level
  • Monitor the update status per operating system (Linux, AIX, and Windows)
  • Check or change the auto-update status of the real user monitoring JavaScript library

Configure OneAgent updates

You can configure OneAgent update globally, per host group, and per host.

Configure maintenance windows

OneAgent update maintenance windows are used to schedule automatic OneAgent updates when the Automatic updates during maintenance windows option is selected at the global, host group, or host level.

Disable automatic updates

We don't recommend that you disable OneAgent automatic updates. For troubleshooting, you can temporarily disable automatic updates using the Dynatrace web UI at Settings > Preferences > OneAgent updates. If you have very strict software rollout rules, however, you can disable auto-updates permanently with the OneAgent command-line interface.