z/OS code module logs

The OneAgent includes several code modules for z/OS. Each code module has one or more logging mechanisms to aid in testing and troubleshooting. Most messages from each of the components go through the zDC to the zRemote log.

Download these messages with the support archive by finding the process you are interested in on the Dynatrace UI. Select that process by right-clicking on it. Now select the browse menu () in the upper right corner of the properties window. You will see "Download support archive", right click this and follow the instructions. Analysis of the zRemote log with the corresponding z/OS code module log gives complete picture of the activity between the components for better error determination.

CICS code module logging

Control the CICS code module log level either by using the DTAX Transaction or by specifying an optional INITPARM at CICS region startup.

There are two different sets of CICS logs.

One set of messages occur when the DTAX issues the DISABLE and ENABLE command. These messages are written to the CICS CSMT Transient Data Queue(usually written to MSGUSR). View these messages in the CICS job spool. DTAX also writes a set of messages to the CEEOUT SYSOUT statement when errors occur in the connection between the zDC and the DTAX transaction. View these messages in the CICS Job spool. As long as the DTAX transaction can connect to the zDC, it logs its messages to the zRemote.

The CICS code module monitoring transaction activity routes its log messages to the zDC, and subsequently to the zRemote. In this scenario with all the connectivity intact, all the component logs can be gathered for error diagnosis from Dynatrace Processes panel by selecting the process then Download Support Archive. The log shows if there are any corrupted PurePaths, timeouts, or other errors that may have occurred. You may also see some statistical information in these logs.

If the CICS code module has difficulties during startup, enable more granular logging for code module startup by specifying FINE in the INITPARM for this unique CICS Region. INITPARM details are described here.

IMS code module logging

There are two sets of IMS code module logs.

The first set of IMS messages comes from the IMS injection job. These are messages that occur during injection of OneAgent into the IMS Control Region. These messages only appear in the job spool of the OneAgent injection job.

The second set of IMS messages comes from the OneAgent as it monitors IMS activity. These messages are sent to the zDC and then are routed to the zRemote.

zDC logging

DTLOGLEVEL specified in the zDC SYSIN parameters, sets the zDC log level . View log message output in the zDC job spool. The job spool helps determine errors that may occur during zDC start up or when connecting with the zRemote.

Once the zDC successfully connects to the zRemote, error messages from the zDC, CICS, and IMS code modules route to the zRemote. You can change this log level value dynamically using a zDC modify command.

The DTAGTCMD parameter sets the log level for the zLocal that runs as part of the zDC. It is defined in the zDC SYSIN parameters. The standard loglevel parameter of the zLocal code module is used. This value can be changed dynamically by issuing a z/OS operator command F <zdcjobname>,dt1 zlaloglevel=<level>.

There are two sets of logs created for the zLocal. Both are created in the OMVS file system. One set is a temporary set of logs only valid for the current execution of the zDC, and the location of these logs defaults to the home directory of the zDC user ID. You can override the location by using the DTCHDIR() parameter defined in the zDC SYSIN. Find a sample in member ZDCSYSIN in the sample PDS <hlq>.SZDTSAMP where <hlq> is your high-level qualifier.

These log files can't be viewed from within Dynatrace web UI. The zLocal also creates a standard set of logs, one for bootstrapping, and one for the zLocal itself. These logs are located in the standard Dynatrace log locations on the OMVS file system. You can view these logs from Dynatrace in the Process panel, select the process, then select Download support archive.

zRemote logging

The zRemote log level is set in Dynatrace and can be changed as needed. The zRemote logs are created on the machine where the zRemote is installed, in the standard Dynatrace log locations. You can view the zRemote logs either directly on the machine hosting the zRemote or by requesting them from Dynatrace in the Process panel, select the process, then select Download support archive.

The actual zRemote log should be similar to a Java code module log, containing the following messages:

  • Log messages that are sent from all CICS/IMS code modules and the zDC.
  • Log messages that are sent from the zLocal.

If the z/OS components communicate correctly, there is no need to look at the job output of the z/OS components. Access all component logs using the System Information overview pane in Dynatrace.