IBM Z infrastructure metrics

IBM Z systems are equipped with a variety of configuration options including different processor types for special purposes. The most important processor types are the general processor and the system Z integrated information processor (zIIP). You can optimize your expenses by moving workloads from general processors to zIIPs, because the latter are not subject to license costs and maintenance fees.

Dynatrace helps you to achieve such a cost-effective IBM Z configuration by providing infrastructure metrics on host level for LPARs and on process level for regions.


Below are the minimum version requirements of the individual components for IBM Z infrastructure metrics support

  • Dynatrace version 1.194+
  • zRemote version 1.193+
  • OneAgent for z/OS 1.195+

Host-level metrics

On the host level, Dynatrace provides you the following metrics:

  • General CPU usage
  • zIIP eligible time processed on general CPU. If zIIP eligible time is available, workload can be offloaded to less expensive zIIPs, but currently they don't have enough resources. In such a case, you can change your system configuration and add more zIIPs to reduce costs.
  • Rolling 4-hour MSU (million service units) average in relation to total MSU. This helps you to understand your current workload. The peak 4-hour rolling MSU average determines the chargeable MSU. Therefore, you should try to balance and distribute the processing time as much as possible.

In addition to the above, Dynatrace provides you with the following system data:

  • CPU model and serial number
  • Number of general processors and zIIPs
  • Total physical memory

The number of processors provides you an overview of the current CPU configuration, while the CPU model and serial number help identify the correct "replacement part" if something is broken.

Host level metric

Process-level metrics

On the process level, Dynatrace provides you the following metrics:

  • General CPU usage
  • General CPU time per minute consumed after process start. It also shows the zIIP eligible time that could be offloaded from a general processor to a less expensive zIIP.
  • zIIP time per minute consumed after process start. This indicates the workload already running on zIIPs.

Process level metric