Verify the installation

To verify the deployment, check whether z/OS hosts are shown in the list of monitored hosts:

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, select Hosts.
  2. Filter hosts by the z/OS operating system.
    z/OS hosts list
  3. Click the host to open the Details page.
    z/OS host details If CICS and/or IMS is connected you will see them in the Processes panel.
  4. In the Processes panel, click the CICS or IMS region to see more info.
    CICS details

To verify the connectivity between the CICS code module and the zRemote, use the DTAX transaction PING command, as described in the DTAX documentation.

The IMS code modules don't appear immediately when they are injected into the IMS subsystem. The next transaction that is processed by the control region causes the IMS control region to appear, and then the next transaction processed by each application region causes that IMS application region code module to appear.