Install multiple instances of zDC/zRemote

You may encounter a situation where you need to install an additional instance of zDC. OneAgent supports such scenarios. However, if a single zRemote handles all communication with several zDC, zRemote is at risk of overload. To prevent this, we recommend that you install a designated zRemote for every zDC.

Add an additional zRemote

Download and install a new ActiveGate for Mainframe monitoring on a new Linux instance. This will add another zRemote instance.

Be sure to run the installation script with the --enable-zremote option.

Make sure that the new oneagentz instance is up and listening, by issuing a netstat command:

netstat -ap |grep oneagentz
tcp        0      0   *               LISTEN      8322/oneagentz

Start an additional zDC

On the z/OS LPAR, copy the current zDC startup JCL SYSIN member ZDCSYSIN to another name, for example ZDCSYSI2.

Edit the new JCL SYSIN member by changing the following parameters:

  1. Change name=<agentname> to a new zLocal reference.
  2. Point zremoteagent=host:port to the new host and port of the new zRemote.
  3. Change DEFAULT(YES) to DEFAULT(NO). The first zDC is designated as the default.
  4. Change SUBSYSTEM_ID(xxxx) to another value. CICS will use this name to connect to the new zDC.

Make a copy of the current zDC Startup PROC and change the SYSIN to point to the new SYSIN member.

Start the new zDC and check the output to make sure that it correctly connects to the new zRemote.

Configure OneAgent on CICS to target the new zDC

Create a SIT override for some CICS regions to target the new zDC:


The value must match the ID from the new JCL SYSIN member.

Test the CICS region to double-check communication with the new zDC subsystem, by issuing a DTAX PING command.