z/OS installation overview

Since the OneAgent for z/OS consist of multiple components in both the distributed and the mainframe environments, the installation process is more complex compared to standard OneAgent installation. However, with a bit of planning and coordination with the varied architecture groups, installation of the OneAgent on z/OS can go smoothly.

Before you install OneAgent on z/OS

Efficient OneAgent installation on z/OS is typically a team effort involving the following:

  • Mainframe Systems Programmer—Downloads and installs the OneAgent for z/OS product datasets.
  • Mainframe Security Administrator—Sets up security for the zDC.
  • Mainframe Systems Programmer—Installs the OneAgent code modules in each of the regions to be monitored.
  • Distributed Systems Installer—Installs the zRemote and Dynatrace ActiveGate.

Depending on your team, a single individual may be able to administer more than just one of the required areas/regions of the mainframe.