Automated injection of deep-code monitoring on AIX

On AIX, Dynatrace supports deep-code monitoring for Java, Apache, WebLogic and Websphere applications. Since OneAgent version 1.189, you only need to Allow AIX kernel extension on your AIX Host settings page in Dynatrace. For earlier releases, you need to perform some configuration on AIX, see Install OneAgent on AIX.

Note: The automated injection of deep-code monitoring is enabled by default since Dynatrace version 1.195 for fresh OneAgent 1.189+ installations.

Enable automated injection

After you install OneAgent and it successfully connects to Dynatrace, go to Hosts and select your AIX host. From the host overview page, select the host menu ("") > Settings > Monitoring mode and then select the Allow AIX kernel extension option. OneAgent will then begin collecting deep-code monitoring data.

Update OneAgent version 1.187 and earlier

If you manually configured your AIX host to inject OneAgent code modules, we recommend that you clear the LDR_PRELOAD and the LDR_PRELOAD64 environment variables after you enable the automated injection. This enables you to uninstall OneAgent simply using the uninstall script without the need to clear the environment variables.