Local self-monitoring environment

Dynatrace Managed version 1.230+

A Dynatrace Managed cluster includes a dedicated local self-monitoring environment that collects internal deployment self-monitoring metrics. This environment is a fully working and accessible Dynatrace environment. It includes all the self-monitoring metrics collected and aggregated from the other environments on your Dynatrace Managed cluster. Data is exclusively stored on premises on your cluster.

You can navigate to the self-monitoring environment from the user menu, just as you would to any other environment. The local self-monitoring environment is named Local-Self-Monitoring. It is also displayed in the Cluster Management Console so you can assign user permissions to it.

For an overview of the currently implemented self-monitoring metrics, filter for metrics prefixed with dsfm: in the metrics browser. The metrics description provides details. You can use the self-monitoring environment to set up proper alerting or further dashboarding. The environment is protected from deletion.

No contribution to license consumption

The self-monitoring environment is excluded from license consumption. Certain functionality is restricted in this self-monitoring. For example, it is not possible to connect OneAgents to the self-monitoring environment.