Update cluster ActiveGate

One-click update is supported for both cluster and environment ActiveGates (including ActiveGates enabled for multi-environment support). To use one-click update you must have:

  • Dynatrace version 1.177
  • ActiveGate version 1.177

You can automatically download and start the ActiveGate update process with just one click on the Deployment status page.

Deployment status page showing ActiveGates to be updated

Instead of remotely logging in to the machine hosting the ActiveGate, check which ActiveGate version you've installed and update to the latest version.

To check your installed version and update to the latest version

  1. Select Deployment status from the navigation menu.
  2. Select ActiveGates to see the list of hosts that have ActiveGates installed on them, along with their versions.
  3. Expand any host entry to see the properties and capabilities of the ActiveGate.
  4. Click the Update ActiveGate button to trigger automatic update to the latest version.
Deprecated versions

Support for ActiveGate versions 1.154 and earlier was deprecated with the release of Dynatrace version 1.184.

If you have ActiveGate version 1.154 or earlier, perform a manual update to at least ActiveGate version 1.177, which supports one-click update.

red error exclamation icon The red warning icon indicates that your ActiveGate is older than version 1.154. You should update these ActiveGates immediately because, starting with Dynatrace version 1.184, these ActiveGates will no longer be supported or work.

yellow exclamation warning icon The yellow warning icon indicates that your ActiveGate is behind by more than five versions. You should update these ActiveGates as soon as possible.

The version number in the Version column represents the ActiveGate version, not the versions of the capabilities running on the ActiveGate. When only a capability is updated, that ActiveGate version number doesn't change. As a result, the ActiveGate version number will remain unchanged until you update the actual ActiveGate, not just its individual capabilities.

One-click update doesn't require a reboot of the ActiveGate host.