Troubleshoot Dynatrace Managed

Find out how to solve problems related to Dynatrace Managed.

Application can't connect to cluster via WebHook

If a proxy is in place for Dynatrace Managed, all WebHooks will also go through this proxy. There are cases where the WebHook integration can't use the proxy and therefore the proxy needs to be disabled.

To disable the proxy for all WebHooks, add the following flag to the HTTP client section.

Section header

Make sure that the section header is present. If it isn't, add the <server/conf/> header before the [http.client.external] section.

proxy-off = true

For other configurable proxy properties, see Configurable properties of Dynatrace Managed.

To preserve this custom setting, create a custom.settings file with the above content. Then copy the file to the /opt/dynatrace-managed/installer directory of all cluster nodes before triggering the cluster upgrade.