Export licensing data

License consumption data export allows you to download detailed information of hourly license utilization by all your environments in the time range you specify. The exported archive contains files in JSON format that you can process for a detailed analysis or a data visualization.

Downloaded archive includes:

  • ZIP file of license consumption data files in JSON format
  • Signature file
  • Log file containing information on archive creation and download

The JSON files contain the following information:


Property name Description
clusterUuid Cluster identifier
timeFrameStart Consumption data export timeframe start
timeFrameEnd Consumption data export timeframe end
environmentBillingEntries List of EnvironmentUsage objects


Property name Description
environmentUuid Environment identifier
visits Count of consumed user sessions
mobileSessions Count of consumed mobile user sessions
totalRUMUserPropertiesUsed Count of defined user session properties
newProblems Not used, deprecated
hostUsages List of HostUsage objects
downloads Not used, deprecated
syntheticUsages Not used, deprecated
syntheticBillingUsage List of SyntheticUsage objects
customMetrics List of CustomMetricsUsage objects
davisDataUnits List of DDUUsage objects
trial If a trial environment
logStorageUsageBytes Count of Log Monitoring storage usage in bytes
logUploadVolumeBytes Count of Log Monitoring upload volume in bytes
sessionReplays Count of consumed user session replays
mobileSessionReplays Count of consumed mobile user session replays


Property name Description
osiId Cluster identifier
hostName Not used
hostCategory Deprecated
agentUsages List of AgentUsage objects
infrastructureOnly If running in Infrastructure Monitoring mode
paas If a PaaS application
passMemoryLimit PaaS application RAM limit in bytes; For non-PaaS apps it's null
vendorTypeId PaaS vendor ID. For non-PaaS apps it's null
hostMemoryBytes Host's RAM in bytes
premiumLogAnalytics If host has Premium Log monitoring enabled
hasContainers If a virtualization host (for example, a Docker host)


Property name Description
networkTraffic Not used, deprecated
agentId Unique OneAgent module identifier
agentTypeId OneAgent module type ID; 1 for OS module
agentUsageRecords List of AgentUsageRecord objects


Property name Description
startTime OneAgent module running start time within ConsumptionExport timeframe
endTime agent running end time within ConsumptionExport timeframe


Property name Description
monitorTypeId Synthetic monitor type ID; 1 for browser monitor, 2 for HTTP monitor
testId Unique Synthetic monitor identifier
publicExecutions Count of executions from public locations
privateExecutions Count of executions from private locations


Property name Description
source Custom metric definition source name (for example ,JMX)
total Count of custom metrics definitions


Property name Description
pool DDU pool name (for example, "Metrics")
total Count of consumed Davis Data Units