Enable/Disable a cluster node

Certain deployments may require that specific nodes only serve UI traffic and not process OneAgent data. Or the opposite, where nodes only process OneAgent data and don't serve UI traffic. By configuring one or the other of these options, you can achieve higher stability, better cache behavior, and faster UI response times.

To enable or disable OneAgent traffic on a node, you can use the Web UI, the command line, or an API call.

Enable/Disable OneAgent traffic via the Web UI

To disable OneAgent traffic (i.e., to set a cluster node to idle mode)

  1. Select Home from the Cluster Management Console navigation menu.
  2. Click the cluster node you want to disable to access the node's overview page.
  3. Click the Browse button (...) in the top right corner.
  4. Select Disable OneAgent traffic to stop monitoring data processing on the node.

To enable OneAgent traffic on a node, repeat the first three steps above, then select Enable OneAgent traffic to start monitoring data processing on the node.

To restart a node, repeat the first two steps above, then click the Restart button. Be aware that restarting a cluster node can cause monitoring downtime.

Enable/Disable OneAgent traffic using an API call

You can configure this option using an API call which allows you to avoid server upgrades and restarts. You can explicitly configure a node to serve the UI only using our REST API.


To execute this request, you need the Cluster token management permission assigned to your API token. If you do not have the API token, you can generate one:

Select Settings in the navigation menu and go to API tokens.

Click the Generate token button and enter a name for your token.

Select the Service Provider API permissions and click Generate.

Use the generated API token to execute the API calls.


You can POST to the /api/v1.0/onpremise/cluster/configuration endpoint with the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description In Required
ID integer ID of the node body required
webUI boolean Sets the webUI for this node. Define if this node should be used for serving WebUI requests (true/false). body required
OneAgent boolean Sets OneAgent traffic for this node. Define if this node should receive OneAgent traffic (true/false). body required
datacenter string not in use. body not required

An example of a JSON payload for the API call:

  "clusterNodes": [
      "id": 1,
      "webUI": true,
      "agent": true,
      "datacenter": "dc-1"
      "id": 2,
      "webUI": true,
      "agent": true,
      "datacenter": "dc-1"