Apply operating system patches to a node

We recommend that you perform the node operating system update or patch application one node at a time. The Dynatrace Managed node software consists of a number of Dynatrace services that are dependent on each other and should be stopped or started in a particular order. Use the official command with a parameter to properly start, stop, or restart Dynatrace services.

To apply the operating system patch to a Dynatrace node

As a root user, log into the Linux machine where the Dynatrace Managed node is installed.

Execute the command with the appropriate parameter (start, stop, or restart).
By default, the script is located at /opt/dynatrace-managed/launcher.

[root@localhost]# ./ stop

Apply all required patches to the operating system of the node.

System restart

Some operating system patches may require system restart. Keep in mind that if you restart the system the Dynatrace service will be running. If you plan to install more patches after the restart, you should stop the Dynatrace services again before applying the additional patches.

If no system restart occurred, restart the Dynatrace services.

[root@localhost]# ./ start