Managed system requirements

This topic explains the operating system requirements for installing Dynatrace Managed. For other Managed requirements see Managed hardware requirements and Managed hardware recommendations for cloud deployments.

  • You'll need a dedicated host for Dynatrace Managed installation. This host must not run other services that are CPU or memory intensive, or that open ports used by Dynatrace Managed.

  • You need a 64-bit Linux distribution (see supported Linux distributions below). Note that installation on both physical and virtualized hosts is supported, but installation in containers isn't supported.

  • Dynatrace Server requires a fixed IP assignment.

  • Ensure that you've appropriately configured your firewall settings

  • The libraries that are installed with Dynatrace Managed are locale-aware. For correct display of text and symbols, be sure to set your environment's system locale to an English language option (for example, LANG=en_US.UTF-8).

Supported operating systems

Operating system Versions
Amazon Linux AMI 2017.x - 2018.x, 2.x
Red Hat Enterprise Linux1 6.x - 8.32
CentOS 6.x - 8.22
Debian 8.x - 10.x
openSUSE 12.x - 15.3
Oracle Linux Server 6.x - 7.x
SUSE Enterprise Linux 11.3 - 15.24
Ubuntu 12.04 - 18.x

1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 & 7.5 must be amended.
2 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 is supported since version 1.208.
3 openSuse Leap 15.2 is supported since version 1.202.
4 SUSE Enterprise Linux 15.2 is supported since version 1.200.

Supported file systems

Dynatrace Managed operates on all common file systems. We recommend that you select fast local storage appropriate for database workloads. High latency remote volumes like NFS or CIFS aren't recommended. While NFS file systems are sufficient for backup purposes, we don't recommend them for primary storage.

Amazon Elastic File System

We don't support or recommend Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) as a main storage for Elasticsearch. Such file systems don't offer the behavior that Elasticsearch requires, and this may lead to index corruption.

ActiveGate requirements

Please also check the requirements regarding ActiveGate