Customize installation for Dynatrace Managed

You can use command line parameters to override some default settings or to upgrade Dynatrace Managed.

Default installation

By default you don't need to use any parameters to install Dynatrace Managed. The installer works in interactive mode. It asks you either to confirm the default settings or provide your own values. The values you enter during installation always take precedence. They override command line parameter values as well as default values.

When you run the installer in interactive mode with command line parameters, the parameter values are presented as prompts (instead of defaults). If you enter any values at this point, they will take precedence.

To install Dynatrace Managed in non-interactive mode with default settings, use the --install-silent parameter. Remember to use --license to provide the license key that we sent you.

Command line parameters

See below the supported command-line parameters for the Dynatrace Managed installer.

List available options

You can always use the help parameter to list all available command line options of the Dynatrace Managed installer. As root, type:

./ --help