Add a new cluster node

Note: Following removal of an existing cluster node, you must wait 72 hours before installing a new node on a host that shares the same IP (i.e., when re-installing on the same host).

To add a new node to your Dynatrace Managed cluster:

Log into your Dynatrace Managed Cluster Management Console.

In the Dynatrace menu, go to Deployment status page.

Click Add new cluster node.

Copy the wget command line from the Run this command on the target host text box.

Paste the wget command line into your terminal window.

Run the installer. You need root rights to install Dynatrace Managed. You can use su or sudo to run the installation script. To do this, type one of the following commands into the directory where you downloaded the installation script.

  • Ubuntu Server

    sudo /bin/sh
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    su -c '/bin/sh'
  • Other Linux distributions with root session

  • My company uses a privilege management system other than sudo.
    When using pbrun you need to enable the Dynatrace user the ability to run /opt/dtrun/dtrun * Following these steps you can install Dynatrace Managed by specifying the user and the command that replaces sudo. For example:

    /bin/sh --system-user dynatrace:dynatrace --sudo-cmd  "/usr/bin/pbrun \$CMD"

    Additionally, for maintenance purposes, please consider adding scripts from the locations below:

    • /opt/dynatrace-managed/
    • /opt/dynatrace-managed/launcher/*
    • /opt/dynatrace-managed/utils/*

    You might, for example, want to stop all Dynatrace Managed processes running on a node.

    pbrun /opt/dynatrace-managed/launcher/ stop

Type Accept if you agree to the Dynatrace Managed Terms of use. Installation won't continue until you complete this step. To quit installation, press Ctrl+C.

The Dynatrace Managed installer works in interactive mode. It displays prompts for values like the installation path and user account. You can accept the default values by pressing Enter. To override the settings, type your choices in the terminal and press Enter.

Once installation on the node is complete, click Back to return to your Cluster Management Console home page. After some time, you'll see that the new node is connected.

Note: The newly added node is only visible when full sync is completed. This can take a couple of hours.

You can add a new node by following the same procedure as explained for installation of the first node in your cluster. The only difference is that when you copy the wget command from the email, the installer asks you during installation whether or not you want to add the node to an existing cluster (if so, you have to enter the IP address of an existing cluster node) or if you intend to set up a new cluster. You can alternatively use the --seed-auth parameter to skip this step. In this way, the newly created node will be automatically added to the existing cluster.