Monitored technologies and feature usage

Dynatrace proactively sends alerts about incompatibilities and technology-specific risks related to your environment. Dynatrace may periodically retrieve information about used technologies, configurations, and feature usage from Dynatrace Managed clusters covering the entities listed below.

Note: Relevant logs are accessible on each cluster node at <datastore_dir>\log\server\ Dynatrace doesn't send host names or any information that could compromise your cluster’s security.


ActiveGate type, build version, operating system, supported capabilities and update statuses

API usage

Basic statistics for Dynatrace API endpoints used, including number of calls and response time

Application configs

Relevant configurations on application level covering aspects of cost control, key user actions and synthetic checks

Dashboard configs

Dashboard configurations on dashboard level including basic sharing settings and tile types used

JS framework usage

Aggregate stats regarding JavaScript frameworks seen in monitoring

Log monitoring usage

Aggregate statistics about log usage such as indices stats

Monitored entities

Basic metadata for monitored processes, hosts, services, applications, and other related entities

Network zone stats

Basic network zone stats on tenant and cluster level with agent and ActiveGate counts

OneAgent registrations

Connected OneAgents with installer version, operating system, injection information, process, and host technology information


Active plugins with plugin type, version, size, status, plugin metrics and host relationship information

Problem detection

Problems with status, severity/impact level, affected entity IDs, problem event details


Technical security problem and vulnerability metadata

Self-monitoring & built-in stats

Daily stats for billed sessions, mainframe MSUs, synthetic monitor actions by internal entity ID

Synthetic monitors

Active synthetic monitor configurations with monitor type, location name, and ID. For custom locations, the location name is not sent.

Tag usage

Aggregate statistics describing tag counts by tag type and entity type


Alerting profiles

Basic alerting profile configurations

API token permissions

Aggregate statistics for API tokens by permission level

Conditional procedures

Overview of rules for management zones and automatically applied tags

Deep monitoring

OneAgent Early Adopter release and troubleshooting feature settings

Feature flags

Settings for tenant features that are set to non-default


Integration settings including problem notifications, Dynatrace API, Dynatrace modules, user session export and release issue tracker integrations

Metric events

Information about configuration count, configuration model types, configuration filter types


Settings for OneAgent updates and data privacy

Service Level Objectives (SLO)

Aggregate statistics regarding SLO usage

Tile filters

Aggregated tile filter stats that can optimize scalability


Overview of configured virtualization types such as AWS, Azure and VMware