Monitored technologies and feature usage

Dynatrace proactively sends alerts about incompatibilities and technology-specific risks related to your environment. Dynatrace may periodically retrieve information about used technologies, configurations, and feature usage from Managed clusters covering the entities listed below.

Note: Relevant logs are accessible on each cluster node at <datastore_dir>\log\server\ Dynatrace doesn't send host names or any information that could compromise your cluster’s security.


ActiveGate type, build version, operating system, and supported capabilities

OneAgent registrations

Connected OneAgents with installer version, operating system, injection information, process, and host technology information

Monitored entities

Basic metadata for monitored processes, hosts, services, applications, and other related entities


Active extensions with extension type, version, size, status, and host relationship information


Problems with status, severity/impact level, affected entity IDs and problem event details

Synthetic monitors

Active synthetic monitor configurations with monitor type, location name, and ID. For custom locations, the location name is not sent.


Deep monitoring

OneAgent Early Adopter release and troubleshooting feature settings


Integration settings including problem notifications, Dynatrace API, Dynatrace modules, and user session export

Tile filters

Aggregated tile filter stats that can optimize scalability