Add an SSL certificate to Dynatrace Managed cluster TrustStore

There may be times when you need to manually add an SSL certificate to the Dynatrace Managed cluster TrustStores, for example if your cluster refuses to accept the SSL certificate when sending emails or WebHook notifications. This typically happens when a self-signed certificate is used.

How to know when your cluster isn't accepting certificates

If a cluster is having trouble sending notifications, look for any files in the log directory of your cluster node installation that have the name pattern Server.*.*.log.

If any files with this naming pattern exist in the log folder, search through those log files for the following entry: PKIX path building failed:

Log entries such as the example above indicate that the certificate provided by the notification receiver wasn't accepted by the cluster node. The reason for this is usually that the certificate isn't trusted.

Add a custom certificate to the cluster node TrustStore

Use the PEM certificate (.crt, .pem, .cer) and execute the reconfiguration script on every node in the cluster using the --update-cert and --network-proxy-cert-file parameters:

<PRODUCT_PATH>/installer/ --update-cert --network-proxy-cert-file <cert_file>.cer

Proxy parameter

The --network-proxy-cert-file parameter is designed to provide a proxy certificate for Managed but, it can also be used to provide the certificate for any secure connection to Managed cluster.