Configurable properties of Dynatrace Managed

The configurable Dynatrace Managed properties are described below. These properties can be found in the following file:


Section: [com.compuware.apm.webserver]

Property Default value Description
port-ssl 8021 The port where Dynatrace Server listens for traffic from OneAgent.
ssl-protocols TLSv1.2 Supported SSL protocols. Can be one or a list of the following values: TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2
excluded-ciphers unset List of additionally excluded ciphers (ciphers are defined by a substring matching at least a part of the cipher name, for example _DHE_)

Sections: [http.client.internal] - [http.client.external] - [http.client.opc]

These three sections regard different HTTP communication types but include the same content. The properties of [http.client.internal] relate to internal traffic (server-to-server) while those of [http.client.external] relate to external traffic (for example, WebHook calls).

WebHook integration

There are cases where the WebHook integration can't use the proxy and therefore the proxy needs to be disabled. See Troubleshoot Dynatrace Managed.

The properties of [http.client.opc] concern the calls to Mission Control.

Property Default value Description
proxy-server unset Proxy server URL
proxy-port unset Proxy port (numeric)
proxy-scheme unset Proxy scheme (http or https)
proxy-user unset Proxy user name (optional)
proxy-password unset Proxy password (optional). Authentication with user/password is transferred as a basic authentication header to the proxy. The initial plain text password is encrypted and stored in proxy-password-encr by the system.