Update cluster user sessions configuration

Update cluster user sessions configuration. You can modify the user session configuration by specifying new concurrent user session limits for cluster admin accounts and regular users. Set limits to 0 for unlimited concurrent user sessions. If you choose to set any of the limits to 0, the limit for the other account type also must be set to 0.

You can use this request to update automatic logout policy. By default, there's no auto logout of users who stay on auto-refreshable page. Use below payload to turn automatic logout on and set the session timeout to 900 seconds (15 minutes).

"automaticLogoutDto": {
    "logoutInactiveUsersEnabled": true,
    "userInactivityTimeout": 900



Response format

A successful request doesn't return any content.

Response code

Code Description
200 Successful
400 Wrong parameters
510 Configuration update failed


In this example, the request updates the cluster user sessions configuration. Cluster updates the current session policy for concurrent sign-ins and user inactivity. The request indicates that the concurrent sign-in limit for users is 3. The limit for cluster admin accounts is 5. Also, the inactivity sign-out policy is in effect and is set to 900 seconds.


curl -X PUT "https://myManaged.cluster.com/api/cluster/v1/clusterConfig/userSessions"
     -H  "accept: */*"
     -H  "Content-Type: */*"
     -d "{\"concurrentSessionPolicyDto\":{\"userLimit\":0,\"adminLimit\":0},\"automaticLogoutDto\":{\"logoutInactiveUsersEnabled\":true,\"userInactivityTimeout\":900}}"

Request URL


Request body

  "concurrentSessionPolicyDto": {
    "userLimit": 3,
    "adminLimit": 5
  "automaticLogoutDto": {
    "logoutInactiveUsersEnabled": true,
    "userInactivityTimeout": 900

Response code