Get cluster user sessions

Get users sessions based on a specific user ID. You can request a list of user sessions for a specific user ID in a specific environment.




Parameter Type Description In Required
userId string

User ID (optional)

query optional

Response format

The UserSession object

Managed user session instance

Element Type Description
userId string

User id

nodeId integer

Node on which user session exists

sessionId string

User session id

creationTime integer

User session creation timestamp

lastAccessedTimestamp integer

Timestamp when session was recently accessed

tenantUuid string

UUID of tenant to which user has logged in (or cluster UUID if user has logged in to CMC)

loginType string

The way user has logged in

device string

Device on which user has logged in

ip string

IP from which has logged in

Response code

Code Description



Operation failed


In this example, the request lists user sessions in the cluster for user


curl -X GET "" 
     -H  "accept: application/json"

Request URL

Response body

    "userId": "",
    "nodeId": 4,
    "sessionId": "string",
    "creationTime": 0,
    "lastAccessedTimestamp": 0,
    "tenantUuid": "string",
    "loginType": "LOCAL",
    "device": "string",
    "ip": "string"

Response code