List available Cluster tokens

You can narrow down the output by adding parameters. The token has to match all the specified parameters.

You can also specify the limit of returned tokens.

This list may contain tokens which were created automatically (for example, InstallerDownload, Mobile, ...) and are not visible on the Settings page. Deleting these might have unintended side-effects as they may still be in use.


Parameter Type Description In Required
limit integer

Limits the maximum number of returned tokens.

If not set the value of 1000 is used.

Maximum value is 1000000.

query optional
user string

Filters the resulting set of tokens by user, who owns the token.

query optional
permissions array

Filters the resulting set of tokens by permissions, assigned to the token.

You can specify several permissions in the following format: permissions=permission1&permissions=permission2. The token must have all the specified permissions.

query optional
from integer

Last used after this timestamp (UTC milliseconds).

query optional
to integer

Last used before this timestamp (UTC milliseconds).

query optional

Possible values

Possible values for the items element:

  • ClusterTokenManagement
  • ControlManagement
  • DiagnosticExport
  • EnvironmentTokenManagement
  • ExternalSyntheticIntegration
  • Nodekeeper
  • ReadSyntheticData
  • ServiceProviderAPI
  • UnattendedInstall


The StubList object

An ordered list of short representations of Dynatrace entities.

Element Type Description
values EntityShortRepresentation[]

An ordered list of short representations of Dynatrace entities.

The EntityShortRepresentation object

The short representation of a Dynatrace entity.

Element Type Description
id string

The ID of the Dynatrace entity.

name string

The name of the Dynatrace entity.

description string

A short description of the Dynatrace entity.

Response code

Code Description



In this example, the request lists API tokens in the environment for user Pete with cluster token management permissions.


curl -X GET ""
        -H  "accept: application/json; charset=utf-8"

Request URL

Response body

  "values": [
      "id": "6a98d7bc-abb9-44f8-ae6a-73e68e71812a",
      "name": "Dynatrace entity 1",
      "description": "Dynatrace entity 1 for the REST API example"
      "id": "ee70f7d3-9a4e-4f5f-94d2-c9d6156f1618",
      "name": "Dynatrace entity 2"
      "id": "8cdabe77-9e1a-4be8-b3df-269dd6fa9d7f"

Response code