Get cluster user sessions configuration

Get Cluster user sessions configuration.




No parameters are required for this API call.


Response codes

Code Description


Response body

The UserSessionsConfig object

The configuration of user sessions - concurrent sessions policy and automatic logout.

Element Type Description
concurrentSessionPolicyDto ConcurrentSessionPolicy
automaticLogoutDto AutomaticLogoutConfiguration

The AutomaticLogoutConfiguration object

Configuration of automatic logout.

Element Type Description
logoutInactiveUsersEnabled boolean

True if automatic logout is enabled

userInactivityTimeout integer

User inactivity timeout

The ConcurrentSessionPolicy object

The configuration of the concurrent sessions policy. Set '0' to disable session limitation.

Element Type Description
userLimit integer

Session limit for regular users (0 = no limit)

adminLimit integer

Session limit for admin users (0 = no limit)


In this example, the request queries the cluster for the current user sessions configuration. The cluster then returns information about the current session policy for concurrent sign-ins and user inactivity. The response indicates that the concurrent sign-in limit for users is 2. For cluster admins accounts, the limit is 5. Also, the inactivity sign-out policy is in effect and is set to 900 seconds.


curl -X GET "" -H  "accept: application/json"

Request URL

Response body

  "concurrentSessionPolicyDto": {
    "userLimit": 2,
    "adminLimit": 5
  "automaticLogoutDto": {
    "logoutInactiveUsersEnabled": true,
    "userInactivityTimeout": 900

Response code