Export license data

Export license consumption data in an archive file.

The request produces an application/octet-stream payload.



Response format

The request produces an application/octet-stream payload.

Response code

Code Description
200 OK - license consumption data export will start
400 Bad request. Provided time range is incorrect.
429 License consumption data is already being exported. Please wait for the first request to finish before requesting another export.
500 Operation failed


In this example, you request license data from your Managed deployment in a range starting from March 19, 2020 6:00 (1584594000000) to June 9th, 2020 17:00 (1591714800000).


curl -X GET "https:///myManaged.cluster.com/api/cluster/v2/license/consumption?startTs=1584594000000&endTs=1591714800000" 
     -H  "accept: application/octet-stream"

Request URL


Response body

ZIP file containing license data files in JSON format. For details on the JSON format, see Export licensing data.

Response code