Update Cluster token

Updates the specified Dynatrace Cluster token. You can:

  • Change the token name.
  • Revoke the token.
    A revoked token still exists in the environment, but it can't be used.
  • Change the scope of a token.




Parameter Type Description In Required
id string

The ID of the token to be updated.

You can't update the token you're using for authentication of the request.

path required
body UpdateToken

The JSON body of the request. Contains updated parameters of the token.

body optional

Body format

The UpdateToken object

Element Type Description Required
revoked boolean

The token is revoked (true) or active (false).

name string

The name of the token.

scopes string[]

The list of permissions assigned to the token.

Apart from the new permissions, you need to submit the existing permissions you want to keep, too. Any existing permission, missing in the payload, is revoked.

  • DiagnosticExport: DiagnosticExport.
  • ControlManagement: ControlManagement.
  • UnattendedInstall: UnattendedInstall.
  • ServiceProviderAPI: Service Provider API.
  • ExternalSyntheticIntegration: Create and read synthetic monitors, locations, and nodes.
  • ClusterTokenManagement: Cluster token management.
  • ReadSyntheticData: Read synthetic monitors, locations, and nodes.
  • Nodekeeper: Nodekeeper access for node management.
  • EnvironmentTokenManagement: "Token Management" Token creation for existing environments.
  • settings.read: Read settings.
  • settings.write: Write settings.
  • apiTokens.read: Read API tokens.
  • apiTokens.write: Write API tokens.


Response codes

Code Description

Success. The token has been updated.


Failed. You can't update the token you're using for authentication of the request.


Failed. The requested token has not been found.

Response body

A successful request doesn't return any content.


In this example, the request queries the metadata of the specific token, which has the ID of 4e9f128e-04f9-4795-pj319-8b7c-3c14a5e885e4. It changes the token scope by updating the token metadata. The name and validity of the token remain intact. The response code of 204 indicates that the update was successful.


curl -X PUT "https://myManaged.cluster.com/api/cluster/v2/tokens/4e9f128e-04f9-4795-pj319-8b7c-3c14a5e885e4"
        -H  "accept: application/json; charset=utf-8"
        -H  "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8"
        -d  "{  \"revoked\": \"true\",  \"name\": \"updated token\",  \"scopes\": [    \"UnattendedInstall\"  ]}"

Request URL


Request body

  "revoked": "true",
  "name": "updated token",
  "scopes": [

Response code