Test cluster proxy configuration

The ServiceProviderAPI (Service Provider API) Api-Token scope is required to test cluster proxy configuration using Dynatrace API.


Parameter Type Description In Required
body Internet proxy change request body optional

Body format

The Internet proxy change request object

Configuration of proxy server for Internet connection

Element Type Description Required
scheme string

Protocol which proxy server uses

The scheme element can hold these values.
server string

Address (either IP or Hostname) of proxy server

port integer

Port of proxy server

user string

User of proxy server, null means do not change previous value

password string

Password of proxy server, null means do not change previous value

nonProxyHosts string[]

Definition of hosts for which proxy won't be used. You can define multiple hosts. Each host can start or end with wildcard '*' for instance to match whole domain.


Possible values

Possible values for the scheme element in the Internet proxy change request object:

  • http
  • https


Response codes

Code Description

Request was processed, check response body for details

Response body

The Connection status object

Internet connection test result

Element Type Description
connectionOk boolean

Connection test result

testExecuted boolean

Indicates whether test was executed at all

testExecutionMessage string

Additional comments usually indicates why test was not executed


In this example, you test a proxy server (outbound-proxy.dynatrace.com) that uses port 8080 and requires a password, at the same time excluding an internal lab host (*.internal.lab.company.com). In return you receive a JSON response indicating that the connection is OK.


curl -X PUT "https://myManaged.cluster.com/api/v1.0/onpremise/proxy/test" -H  "accept: application/json" -H  "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{\"scheme\":\"http\",\"server\":\"outbound-proxy.dynatrace.com\",\"port\":8080,\"nonProxyHosts\":[\"https://mycompany.com/proxy/*\",\"*.internal.lab.company.com\"],\"userOrPasswordDefined\":true}"

Request URL


Response body

  "connectionOk": true,
  "testExecuted": true,
  "testExecutionMessage": "string"

Response code