Update ActiveGate

You can update your ActiveGate manually or use the one-click automatic update. As a Dynatrace administrator, you are notified about new ActiveGate versions directly on the Deployment Status page.

To see the list of hosts where ActiveGates are installed, from the navigation menu select Deployment status > ActiveGates.

Update statuses

Up to date
You have the latest available ActiveGate version. No user action is required.

Update available
There is an update available for this ActiveGate version. If your Dynatrace deployment and the ActiveGate is at least version 1.177, you can click Update ActiveGate to use the one-click update.

Update pending
Immediately after clicking Update ActiveGate, the status changes to Update pending and may remain in that state because:

  • The cluster is currently upgrading.
  • The maximum number of concurrent update downloads has been reached and one-click update is waiting to resume the download.

Update in progress
ActiveGate requested the update installer to download and has downloaded it, but it hasn't finished updating and reconnecting with the new version.

Update problem
One or more of the following problems have occurred:

  • The update failed and it has performed a rollback to the last version. As a result, the ActivateGate reports old version.
    Check the ActiveGate logs for a reason why the installation failed.
  • ActiveGate downloaded the installer and updated but the ActivateGate reports old version.
    Check ActivateGate logs for reason and possibly perform manual update.
  • The ActiveGate skipped the update.
    Check the ActiveGate logs for a reason why the update was skipped.
  • There was no download because the installer was not available in the tenant's build units.
    Check if the installer is available as the S3 installer URL for SaaS, and if it is present in the file system for Managed.

The connection to this ActiveGate has been lost and no status can be determined. Also, with ActiveGate successfully removed, the Deployment status will continue to display the uninstalled ActiveGate in the Update status as Unknown for approximately the next two hours.

Mount points on Linux ActiveGates

If you have specified the installation and configuration paths during ActiveGate installation, make sure that there are no mount points to the ActiveGate-created paths. See Mount points

Manual update

Manually download the latest version and then install it. You don't need to uninstall your current version of ActiveGate. Just install the new version over the old one.

During an update, your ActiveGate configuration is preserved in the custom.properties and launcheruserconfig.conf files. These two files will not be overwritten during an update, but it's a good idea to back them up before updating the ActiveGate.

One-click update

One-click update is supported for both cluster and environment ActiveGates (including ActiveGates enabled for multi-environment support). To use one-click update you must have:

  • Dynatrace version 1.177
  • ActiveGate version 1.177

You can automatically download and start the ActiveGate update process with just one click on the Deployment status page.

Deployment status page showing ActiveGates to be updated

Instead of remotely logging in to the machine hosting the ActiveGate, check which ActiveGate version you've installed and update to the latest version.

To check your installed version and update to the latest version

  1. Select Deployment status from the navigation menu.
  2. Select ActiveGates to see the list of hosts that have ActiveGates installed on them, along with their versions.
  3. Expand any host entry to see the properties and capabilities of the ActiveGate.
  4. Click the Update ActiveGate button to trigger automatic update to the latest version.
Deprecated versions

Support for ActiveGate versions 1.154 and earlier was deprecated with the release of Dynatrace version 1.184.

If you have ActiveGate version 1.154 or earlier, perform a manual update to at least ActiveGate version 1.177, which supports one-click update.

red error exclamation icon The red warning icon indicates that your ActiveGate is older than version 1.154. You should update these ActiveGates immediately because, starting with Dynatrace version 1.184, these ActiveGates will no longer be supported or work.

yellow exclamation warning icon The yellow warning icon indicates that your ActiveGate is behind by more than five versions. You should update these ActiveGates as soon as possible.

The version number in the Version column represents the ActiveGate version, not the versions of the capabilities running on the ActiveGate. When only a capability is updated, that ActiveGate version number doesn't change. As a result, the ActiveGate version number will remain unchanged until you update the actual ActiveGate, not just its individual capabilities.

One-click update doesn't require a reboot of the ActiveGate host.