ActiveGate default installation settings for Windows

If you do not specify any parameters during ActiveGate installation to customize settings, the following default settings will be used. To modify defaults settings during installation, see Customize ActiveGate installation on Windows


Note: On Windows, the %PROGRAMDATA% directory is usually hidden for non-privileged users. Therefore you cannot select it by browsing through folders. Instead, to access the folder, paste the folder path directly into a Windows Explorer address box.

Purpose of directory Default path Path relative to installation parameter Disc space requirements (if size not given, assume less than 1 MB)

ActiveGate executable files, libraries,and related files

Relative to installation parameter: <INSTALL>\gateway

300 MB

ActiveGate configuration


ActiveGate SSL folder


ActiveGate temporary files


4 GB (including 3 GB for cached OneAgent installers and container images)

ActiveGate logs


500 MB

Dump files uploaded to ActiveGate by OneAgent


Functionality off by default. When activated, can take configurable maximum size: default 100 GB.

ActiveGate packages directory for auto-update installer downloads


500 MB.

ActiveGate Extensions 1.0 and Extensions 2.0 executable files, libraries, and related files


350 MB

ActiveGate Extensions 1.0 and Extensions 2.0 configuration, logs, cache, run-time work area


2 GB (for logs and crash dumps)

ActiveGate extensions upload directory


Depending on uploaded extensions

zRemote executable files, libraries, and related files


50 MB

zRemote user-modifiable persistent configuration,
zRemote runtime work area, crash reports


50 MB

zRemote logs


200 MB

Private Synthetic executable files, libraries, and related files


270 MB

Private synthetic logs


1 GB

Private synthetic temporary files


20 GB, including 1 GB for the %PROGRAMDATA%\dynatrace\synthetic\cache and 1 GB for %PROGRAMDATA%\dynatrace\synthetic\screenshots


Relative to installation parameter: <INSTALL>\gateway

Included in estimate for ActiveGate executable files

Autoupdater logs


200 MB


Component name

Service name

User account


Dynatrace Gateway

Local Service

ActiveGate auto-updater

Dynatrace Autoupdater

Local System

Extensions 1.0 (Remote Plugin Module)

Dynatrace Remote Plugin Module

Local Service

Extensions 2.0

Dynatrace Extension Controller

Local Service


Dynatrace zRemote

Local Service


Dynatrace Synthetic

Local Service

Port usage

By default, ActiveGate:

  • receives connections from OneAgents or other ActiveGates on port 9999
  • receives Dynatrace API on port 9999
  • connects to Dynatrace SaaS or Managed cluster on port 443

For more information about possible ActiveGate connectivity schemes, see Supported connectivity schemes for ActiveGates.