ActiveGate default installation settings for Windows

If you do not specify any parameters during ActiveGate installation to customize settings, the following default settings will be used. To modify defaults settings during installation, see Customize ActiveGate installation on Windows

ActiveGate directories

Note: On Windows, the %PROGRAMDATA% directory is usually hidden for non-privileged users. Therefore you cannot select it by browsing through folders. Instead, to access the folder, paste the folder path directly into a Windows Explorer address box.

Purpose Default path Path relative to installation parameter

ActiveGate executable files, libraries,and related files

Relative to installation parameter: <INSTALL>\gateway

ActiveGate configuration


ActiveGate SSL folder


ActiveGate temporary files


ActiveGate logs


Dump files uploaded to ActiveGate by OneAgent




RPM logs




zRemote logs


Private Synthetic


Private synthetic logs



Relative to installation parameter: <INSTALL>\gateway

Autoupdater logs


ActiveGate services


Dynatrace Gateway


default: %ProgramFiles%\dynatrace\gateway\dynatracegateway.exe


Local Service Gateway

ActiveGate port usage

By default, Environment ActiveGate:

  • receives connections from OneAgents or other ActiveGates on port 9999
  • receives Dynatrace API on port 9999
  • connects to Dynatrace SaaS or Managed cluster on port 443

For more information about possible ActiveGate connectivity schemes, see Supported connectivity schemes for ActiveGates.