Install an Environment ActiveGate on Linux

Follow these steps to install an Environment ActiveGate on Linux.

Before you begin

Start installation

Sign in to Dynatrace, select Deploy Dynatrace from the navigation menu and select Install ActiveGate.

On the Install Environment ActiveGate page, select Linux.

Download the installer

How you download your installer depends on your setup and needs. You can choose to download an installer directly to the server where you plan to install Environment ActiveGate or you can download an installer to a different machine and then transfer the installer to the server.

  1. Select the ActiveGate purpose.
  2. Provide a PaaS token. This token is required to download the ActiveGate installer from your environment. If you don't have a PaaS token, you can create one right in the UI. The token is automatically appended to the download and installation commands you'll use later.
  3. Download the installer. There are two options:
    • Download via shell command. Copy and run the wget command.
    • Select the link to download the ActiveGate installer.
  4. Verify the signature
    Wait for the download to complete. Then verify the signature by copying the command from the second Verify signature text box and pasting the command into your terminal window.

Run the installer

An install parameter (determined by the ActiveGate purpose you selected) is automatically set for the command to run the installer. Make sure you use the command displayed in the Dynatrace web UI that reflects the ActiveGate purpose.

Copy the installation script command from the Run the installer with root rights step and paste it into your terminal.

Customize installation

You can add additional parameters to the installation command to customize your installation. For example, to install Environment ActiveGate in a different directory, use the INSTALL=<path> parameter:

[root@host]# ./ INSTALL=/hosted_app/dynatrace

Default installation settings

For installation defaults, including default directories, see ActiveGate default settings for Linux.

You've arrived

After Environment ActiveGate connects to Dynatrace, installation is complete and OneAgent is reconfigured to send monitoring data through Environment ActiveGate.

To check the status of the installation, click Show deployment status and select the Dynatrace ActiveGates tab.

You can also check the Troubleshoot ActiveGate page for solutions to problems related to ActiveGate.