Preserve settings during ActiveGate update

Dynatrace stores ActiveGate configuration settings in the file Upon each upgrade, is updated and the existing settings are overwritten (with some exceptions—see below). To avoid losing your settings with each update, use to preserve them. Whenever you need to configure an ActiveGate setting (for example, proxy, port, or memory dump), do this in the file and then restart the ActiveGate.

The file is preserved during ActiveGate upgrade; it's copied in its entirety from your existing installation to the new one.

Upgrading from versions that don't support

This feature is available for Dynatrace versions 135 and higher. In earlier versions, only the file is available. If you're upgrading from a version of Dynatrace earlier than 135, then some properties will be automatically transferred from in the old installation to in the new installation.

If the settings you want to preserve won't be transferred automatically

  1. Copy and paste the settings from to a safe location.
  2. Following the update, insert the copied settings into the appropriate section of the file, not If no relevant section exists, create a section with the appropriate name (section names are enclosed in brackets, for example [http.client]).

Keep in mind that takes precedence over Therefore, if a setting occurs in both files, the value of the setting in the file will take precedence. Also, command line settings (if any) take precedence over those stored in