Main functions of ActiveGate

The main functions of ActiveGate include:

  • Message routing: ActiveGate knows about the runtime structure of your Dynatrace environment and routes messages from OneAgents to the correct server endpoints.

  • Buffering and compression: ActiveGate collects messages from OneAgent instances and builds bulks, which are then sent in compressed form to Dynatrace Server. Network overhead can thereby be considerably reduced—a 70% reduction can be expected.

  • Authentication: ActiveGate authenticates OneAgent requests (SSL handshake and environment ID authentication).

  • Entry point for sealed networks: Dynatrace Server clusters often run in protected environments that aren't directly accessible by OneAgent instances running outside of a sealed network. ActiveGate can be used to serve as a single access point for such OneAgent instances. In this way, maintenance overhead is reduced since you only need to provide access for one well-known ActiveGate (i.e., only a single exception rule in your firewall configuration settings is required).