Why are my services not auto-detected?

If your application services aren't built on standard technologies, they may not be recognized out-of-the box. You can monitor these technologies, but you'll need to define them as custom services with specific service entry points. Dynatrace allows you to define any method, class, or interface as the entry point of a service to be monitored.

Currently, you can define custom services for Java and .NET.

To set up a custom service for auto-detection:

Go to Settings and expand Server-side service monitoring.

Select Custom service detection.

Select the technology tab you want.

Click the Define ... service button.

Specify a name for your custom service.

Define at least one entry point for your custom service. Entry points for your custom service can be methods of a specific class or implementations of an interface. Each non-recursive call to this method will represent a single request to your custom service. Dynatrace OneAgent understands the concept of method delegation and only records the first call in a delegation chain. For example, If you have two versions of a method called doSomething and one method calls the other, you can safely mark both methods as entry points; instances where one method directly calls another method are recorded as single requests. To define an entry point, choose one of the following available options:

Once finished, your custom service will appear in the list on the respective technology tab. The second column indicates the number of entry points that have been defined for your custom service. You can further edit your custom service whenever you want. Just click the Edit button (pencil icon) in the last column.