How does root cause analysis work for services?

Dynatrace correlates events across time, processes, hosts, and different monitoring perspectives. Dynatrace not only monitors the infrastructure (hosts and networking) that supports your application's services, Dynatrace also correlates the actions of individual users with the services that support your web application. By correlating events across all monitoring perspectives, Dynatrace is able to pinpoint the root cause of problems in your application-delivery chain.

How does Smartscape identify the root causes of problems?

Once Dynatrace identifies a problem in one your application's components, it uses Smartscape to identify correlations between the problem and other events that took place around the same time, for example performance degradation when displaying a shopping cart "purchase confirmation" page.

Problems are seldom one-time events; they usually appear in regular patterns and are often shown to be symptoms of larger infrastructure or service issues. If any other entities that used the same components also experienced problems around the same time, then those entities will also be part of the problem's root-cause analysis.

When Dynatrace detects a correlation between a service problem and other monitored events, it shows you the details of the correlation and the related root cause analysis.

An example of a problem detected because services slowed down significantly.