DDUs for serverless functions

Dynatrace monitors serverless compute technologies through integration with cloud platform providers and OneAgent integration.

Note: Azure Functions tracing and other compute services integrations such as Azure container instances or AWS Fargate consume host units. For more information, see Serverless functions.

Metrics for cloud provider integrations

Cloud services that are monitored by AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor integrations (including serverless functions and serverless containers) typically consume custom metrics. Limited custom metric ingestion and analysis is available out of the box. For details, see Custom metrics.

AWS Lambda tracing integration

For OneAgent AWS Lambda integrations, monitoring consumption is based on Davis data units. Dynatrace counts the total number of invocations (that is requests) of the monitored functions. For each invocation, .002 DDUs are deducted from your available quota.

For example, if you monitor 1 function with the OneAgent integration and that function is invoked 1 million times, DDU consumption will be calculated as follows: 1 AWS Lambda function x 1 million invocations x 0.002 DDU weight = 2,000 DDUs per month per function.

Note: In Full-Stack Monitoring Mode, Dynatrace monitors AWS Lambda for both traces and CloudWatch integrations, which consume DDUs based on invocations and custom metrics, respectively.

For details on host unit calculation and monitoring consumption for serverless monitoring, see Application-only monitoring – including PaaS and some Serverless.