DDUs for custom Davis events

While there are no additional costs or licensing involved in the default monitoring and reporting of built-in event types via OneAgent or cloud integrations, you have the option to configure custom events and/or event-ingestion channels. Such event-related customizations do result in the consumption of Davis data units. Custom Davis event ingestion consumes DDUs because it requires significantly more processing and analytical power than does built-in event ingestion via OneAgent of cloud integrations.

Custom Davis event types that consume DDUs

Custom created/ingested or subscribed events that you might configure for your environment and thereby consume DDUs include:

  • Any custom event sent to Dynatrace using the Events API v2
  • Any custom event (such as a Kubernetes event) created from log messages by a log event extraction rule

How DDU consumption is calculated for custom Davis events

DDU consumption for custom Davis events is equivalent to custom metric data point licensing. Every ingested custom event consumes 0.001 DDU. This also applies to updates custom events already sent.

Davis data unit pools

Davis data units pools for events allow you to set hard limits on your DDU consumption for events. From the Dynatrace menu, select Settings > Accounting > Davis data units pools and turn on Enable limit in the Events section to set an annual or monthly limit.