DDUs for custom traces (Trace API)

Custom traces consumed via the Dynatrace Trace API are licensed on the basis of ingestion of spans (each span equates to a single operation within a trace). To calculate the DDU consumption for custom traces, multiply the total number of invocations by the total number of spans times the DDU weight, for the time period being measured. For example, an API service is instrumented with OpenTelemetry and ingests on average 10 spans per API call via the Dynatrace Trace API. If the average number of API calls per month is 1 million, the monthly DDU consumption is 7,000 DDUs (1,000,000 invocations x 10 spans x .0007 DDUs = 7,000 DDUs), with the annual equivalent of 84,000 DDUs (7,000 DDUs x 12 months = 84,000 DDUs).

While a trace may contain spans captured with OneAgent and the Dynatrace Trace API, only those spans ingested via the Dynatrace Trace API consume DDUs. For an API service that is instrumented with OpenTelemetry but OneAgent captures the spans, no DDUs are consumed for the spans captured within this service.

For details on OneAgent-based ingestion of OpenTelemetry and OpenTracing spans, which does not consume DDUs, see OneAgent OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry support.