Application Security Monitoring (ASUs)

Application Security Monitoring helps you to visualize, analyze, and monitor security vulnerabilities in your environment that are related to third-party libraries at runtime.

Application Security units

Dynatrace Application Security is licensed based on the consumption of Application Security units (ASUs). The number of Application Security units that an environment consumes is based on the amount of RAM that a monitored server has (see the table below) and the number of hours that those Application Security units are monitored. For example, to run Application Security for a 16 GB host for one year, 9,000 Application Security units are required [1 (Application Security unit) x 365 (days) x 24 (hours) = 9,000 (Application Security units)]. See the weighting table below for details.

Host size (based on RAM GB) Application Security unit weight
1.6 GB 0.10
4 GB 0.25
8 GB 0.50
16 GB 1
32 GB 2
48 GB 3
64 GB 4
80 GB 5
N x 16 N

Application Security units can of course be consumed in addition to host-unit hours for the purposes of Full-Stack and Infrastructure Monitoring modes. For example, you can monitor the security of a host that runs on a Tomcat server that's monitored only with Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring. While this approach might not provide the deeper performance insights that are provided with Full-Stack Monitoring mode, it does provide powerful Dynatrace Application Security insights while saving on costs.

The allocation of Application Security units is only applicable to hosts that run supported technologies. Please contact a Dynatrace product specialist via in-product chat or reach out to your account executive to learn more.