ActiveGate configuration for HTTP monitors

The configuration steps that must be completed before HTTP monitors can be set up for synthetic testing are detailed below.

HTTP monitors are only available on Linux-based Environment ActiveGates (version 1.151+).
For details, see how to install an Environment ActiveGate.

Configure ActiveGate in preparation for HTTP monitors

  1. From the navigation menu, click Deployment status.
  2. Click Install ActiveGate.
  3. Click the Linux button (synthetic monitoring is only available for Environment ActiveGates running on Linux).
  4. Follow the prompts provided by the installation wizard.
  5. Using your server’s command line, edit the file as shown below. Depending on your ActiveGate version and deployment setup, you'll find this file at either /var/lib/dynatrace/gateway/config or /var/lib/dynatrace/gateway/gateway/config.
  • Add a [synthetic] section if one does not already exist.
  • On a new line, add the property synthetic_enabled = true.
    The resulting flag should look like this:
synthetic_enabled = true

Note: For ActiveGate versions 1.149 or lower, use this flag instead:

enableHttpChecks = true
  1. Save the file.

  2. Restart the ActiveGate process on your server (the service doesn't support the restart method, so you must do this manually:

    1. Stop the service sudo /etc/init.d/dynatracegateway stop - this is a non-blocking option so please ensure that the service has been stopped with sudo /etc/init.d/dynatracegateway status before you proceed with the next step.
    2. Start the service sudo /etc/init.d/dynatracegateway start
  3. Go to the Deployment status page again to confirm that your installed ActiveGates are reporting correctly.

  4. Go to Settings > Web & mobile monitoring > Custom monitoring locations.

  5. Click Create a custom monitoring location.

  6. Give your location a Name.

  7. Select the IP address of installed ActiveGate that you want to operate in this location.

  8. Click Save.

Now you can create an HTTP monitor. See the How do I create an HTTP monitor? page for that.


  • HTTP monitors are only available on Linux ActiveGates.
  • Only two ActiveGates can be assigned to a single location for load balancing and fail-over
  • Only IPv4 and DNS UDP are supported for network configuration.
  • Minimum hardware requirements are the same as for other clean ActiveGate installations.