Get started with Davis

Before you begin

To get the full value of Davis, it's necessary that you have at least one host running at least one application to be monitored. If no hosts are currently monitored in your installation, please follow the steps for OneAgent installation.

Note: You must be a Dynatrace administrator to add or modify an environment in Davis.

Get started with Dynatrace Davis

  1. Go to If you haven't done so already, sign in to your Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed account.

  2. An API token is required for each Dynatrace environment. You'll be directed to the Davis environment wizard automatically if the environment you're signed into has an invalid or missing API token. Dynatrace Managed users need to provide an Environment URL. In the environment wizard, click the Get token button on the API Settings page, otherwise skip to Interact with Davis.

  3. Type a name for the token and click the Generate token for Davis button.

  4. Click the Edit button of the newly created token to reveal the token settings.

  5. Click the Copy button to copy the token to your clipboard.

  6. Return to the Dynatrace Davis setup page. Paste the copied API token into the API token input.

  7. Click Save.

Add a SaaS environment to Davis

Interact with Davis

Once you've saved your Dynatrace API token, you can begin interacting with Davis. Go to and click the Try button located in the text input area at the bottom of the window. This sends Davis an example request so that you can experience what it's like to interact with Davis. A new example request is generated each time you click the Try button.

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