Benefits of Davis

Dynatrace Davis is a ChatOps and VoiceOps chatbot that harnesses the power of Dynatrace artificial intelligence to deliver answers to your common questions about digital performance—without requiring that you have advanced knowledge of DevOps. Your development teams can interact with Davis in a Slack channel, sharing their findings with the rest of their teams and making it easier for them to coordinate with others and address issues.

Davis integration

Using natural language processing and the Dynatrace API), Davis takes your requests, processes the requests, and returns return relevant metrics in the form of chart visualization or natural-language responses. You can interact with Davis using the Alexa skill, Slack app, or web app.


Davis is available to all Dynatrace SaaS and Managed users free of charge. Davis will remain free for the foreseeable future, although some capabilities may be added in the future that will not be free.