Why are root privileges required on Linux?

To fully automate the monitoring of your operating systems, processes, and network interfaces Dynatrace requires privileged access to your operating system during both installation and operation.

Dynatrace OneAgent is tested extensively to ensure that it has minimal performance impact on your system and conforms to the highest security standards.

During install

Dynatrace OneAgent requires root privileges for:

  • Installing Dynatrace OneAgent components in system library directories.
  • Setting up /etc/ld.so.preload to automatically monitor processes.
  • Adapting SELinux policies to allow for the monitoring of processes.

During operation

Dynatrace OneAgent requires root privileges for:

  • Accessing the list of open sockets for each process.
  • Accessing the list of libraries loaded for each process.
  • Accessing the name and path of the executable file for each process.
  • Accessing command line parameters for each process.
  • Monitoring network traffic.

Linux system logs downloaded by OneAgent

Dynatrace OneAgent downloads specific system logs so that Dynatrace can diagnose issues that may be caused by conditions in your environment.

Most often such issues are related to deep monitoring or auto-update installations.