How do I install Dynatrace OneAgent on Solaris?

Dynatrace supports Oracle Solaris (x86 and SPARC) for Java and Apache HTTP server. If your infrastructure is based on these technologies you can use Dynatrace OneAgent to effectively monitor your hosts, services, and user experience.

Follow the steps below to download and install Dynatrace OneAgent on Solaris:

Choose the CPU architecture of your environment.

Click Copy to copy the wget command.

Log into your Solaris host and execute the wget command.


  • The wget command isn't installed on Solaris by default. Either install it or use an alternative means of downloading OneAgent.

Create a folder on your local system for OneAgent (for example, /opt/dynatrace/oneagent) and unzip the zip-archive into the folder.

In contrast to other platforms, root access isn't required for installation of OneAgent on Solaris. OneAgent can be installed in any directory.

  • As all monitored applications need to be able to read the library, ensure that the permissions allow this.
  • Be sure to reference the folder correctly in the subsequent steps of your deployment.

On Solaris, Dynatrace only supports Java and Apache HTTP Server applications and as such you need to decide which applications to monitor. You can do this just for a single application, or shell wide. Just follow the relative instructions below:


OneAgent versions older than v1.137 and fallback

If your OneAgent is older than v1.137, or if you have problems with the unified monitoring approach, you can inject OneAgent manually.

Continue with finalization of OneAgent installation on Solaris.