How do I set up mobile apps for real user monitoring?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

Dynatrace Managed installations typically run within private datacenters, where each incoming connection is restricted by a firewall. To enable instrumented mobile apps to report real user monitoring data to your Dynatrace Managed installation, you'll need to configure and open a publicly accessible Dynatrace Security Gateway. A public Security Gateway provides a secure IP address where your mobile apps can safely send their monitoring data.

Your existing publicly available Security Gateway URLs are available for viewing within your Dynatrace Managed installation at Settings > Public endpoints, as shown below.

Use this public endpoint URL for your mobile app instrumentation configuration. Navigate to your mobile app's settings screen. Here you'll find an automatically generated instrumentation script. Please note that the instrumentation script for Dynatrace Managed installations requires two additional parameters

managedCluster 'true' and clusterURL 'https://YourURL:port',

as shown below. clusterURL contains your public Security Gateway URL and port.

After adding these two additional parameters within your mobile app instrumentation, your mobile app will begin to send session information directly to your Dynatrace Managed installation.